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Shorten your personal brand timeline with a 100% private and highly customized 1-on-1 Brand Strategy Session

what we do

Brand Strategy Sessions are personalized 1-on-1 personal branding immersives designed to fast track your branding journey in just 2 days.

Each brand strategy session focuses on one specific area of our Brand Builder Journey to give you a highly customized and intimate learning experience and create substantial progress in the least amount of time possible.

how it works

This bespoke personal branding strategy session is equal parts education, integration, and application.

Show up solo or bring 1-2 of your core team members.
  • 2 days of focused work can shorten your timeline by 3-6 months
  • Flexible formats available (virtual or in-person)
  • Subject matter experts selected specifically for your chosen topic
  • Detailed deliverables provided in your own Personal Brand Strategy Kit, including a detailed roadmap for what’s next

why you'll love it

The goal of our 1-on-1 Brand Strategy Sessions are to help catapult you into more business, more targeted market awareness, and making a substantially bigger impact with what you do.

This is our most tailored offering. Our team is ready to cater to your schedule, your timeline, your learning preferences, and your business goals.


Establish your reputation (aka personal brand) as quickly as possible  

Differentiate yourself in the market so you stand out from the crowd 

Digitize your content, knowledge base, and product offerings 

Position yourself as an industry expert and thought leader in your space 

See your message reach more people, which leads to more income  

Develop repeatable systems to scale revenue and impact 

what to expect

Our dedicated team of personal brand strategists will customize our curriculum for where you are and where you want to go.

This is highly-leveraged and intentional time to work on building your personal brand, with a team of experts that will cut years off your learning curve.

  • No one else in the room to distract you. All attention is on your brand. 
  • End the “I’m all over the place” confusion and craft a focused and monetizable personal brand 
  • Tap into a strategic framework that’s been market-tested 1000s of times over (aka: there’s proof that this is a sound investment) 
  • All strategists are certified in our curriculum and are specifically selected to work on your personal brand 


Let us help you develop a personal brand strategy to secure your distinctive positioning in the marketplace, raise the cachet of your public profile, and turn your personal reputation into profitable revenue. We are the best in the world at this.

hear from our clients

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There is no better time than right now to build your personal brand. What are you waiting on?

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